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Warhorse of the Highland Elfs

Künstler: Anna-Karin Larsson
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Kommentar: If you're given a fully armoured, trained and snake-eyed warsteed of the elfpeople you should be careful.

The horse will bring much luck and good times if you treat it well - don't assume it is an ordinairy horse.

But if you mistreat it you'll be haunted by caos, terror and bad dreams. The bad times will follow you for all time because the horse will most likely outlive you by years... Regardless how you try to sell it, kill it or otherwise rid you life of it, a mistreated elfsteed will return again and again. You see, reincarnated elfs usually have a knack for the good and bad of life. Even when they come back as a horse...

10 Anna K. Larsson