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De historia et veritate unicornis
Magical World of Unicorns
The Book of the Unicorn
Through the Looking Glass
The Unicorn's Secret (Serie)

Book of the UnicornThe Book of the Unicorn

ISBN: 0879518405
Autor: Nigel Suckling
Illustration: Linda & Roger Garland
Verlag : The Overlook Press

The legend of the Unicorn is shrouded in mystery, but at last here is a magnificent volume that brings together all that is known and has ever been written about these sublime creatures; the definitive study. Nigel Suckling's text delves into the long history of the Unicorn, exploring myths, legends and facts from all over the world. Brought to life by the stunning illustrations of Linda and Roger Garland, the ferocious nature and mystic isolation of this ethereal creature is captured again and again in a wealth of beautiful images. the Book of the Unicorn is a treasure for anyone who seeks to know and understand a creature that has captured the imagination of man for millennia.

Die Bilder der Garlands könnt ihr in der Galerie bewundern, aber dieses Buch besteht ja nicht nur aus den phantastischen Werken dieser beiden. Nigel Suckling hat massig Informationen über das Einhorn zusammengetragen, historisches, aber auch alte Legenden, Sagen und Märchen. Eindeutig gehört dieses Buch mit zu den schönsten Bänden über Einhörner. --- 3 Punkte --- bei Amazon suchen

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De historia et veritate unicornisDe historia et veritate unicornis

Untertitel: on the history and truth of the unicorn
ISBN: 0894712063
Autor: Michael Green
Verlag : Running Press

For centuries, the Unicorn has tread the mysterious boundaries between mythology and reality. The legend has been shaped by hunters, physicians, merchants, rogues and dreamers into a maze of contradicitons that only obscure the question: Did - or does - such an animal really exist? Now this singular manuscript, bearing the cipher of an obscure philosophical brotherhood in 15th century Italy, reveals in convincing details the habits, haunts and history - even the origin - of this rarest of creatures. It even offers intriguing clues that physical evidence of Unicorn's existence in presently at hand and accessible to the determined investigator. This curious and fascinating work combines the mystical temperament of the late Middle Ages with a purely Renaissance spirit of scientific inquirey. As its author states, "This work pays no heed to vain fancies and foolish imaginings, though they have acquired the weight of hallowed tradition ... Let the reader be satisfied that [this book is] witness to pure and simple experience, and judge the truth for himself."

Einfach nur traumhaft ist diese Übersetzung von alten italienischen Aufzeichnungen eines Mönches. Ich habe leider nur die billige "Paperback"-Ausgabe, aber es gibt noch eine Bibliotheksbindung und eine Luxusausgabe, wobei letztere ein Traum ist. Vielleicht liegt es daran, dass die Zeichnungen die Art von Einhorn wiedergeben, die in meiner Vorstellung in der Zeit meiner "Einhornforschung" entstanden ist. Leider ist das Buch nur noch auf englisch erhältlich, wenn man überhaupt Glück hat, eines zu erwischen. Aber einfach ein Traum *seufz*. --- 3 Punkte --- bei Amazon suchen

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Magical World of UnicornsMagical World of Unicorns

ISBN: 0689828497
Autor: Michael Hague
Illustration: Michael Hague
Verlag r: Simon & Schuster, New York

Michael Hague has long believed in magic - the magic of unicorns. For years, his classic unicorn illustrations have sparked our imaginations, showcasing this mythical creature and its enchanted world. Here, Hague's paintings are brought together in one handsome volumne and matched with excerpts from stories, poesm, and legends to create a wondrous world of beauty and nostalgia. this dramatic presentation will transport you to the farthest reaches of your own imagination, and inspire yout o share the magic with generations to come.

Untermalt mit Gedichten und Zitaten werden die Bilder von Michael Hague gekonnt in Szene gesetzt. Sein Stil, anders und unverkennbar, gibt diesem Bilderbuch seinen besonderen Reiz. Leider ist auch dieses Buch wieder nur englisch, aber das stört nicht die Schönheit der Bilder. --- 3 Punkte --- bei Amazon suchen

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Through the Looking GlassThrough the Looking Glass

Autor: Lewis Carroll
Verlag : Penguin Books

Alice goes through the looking glass into another world whose eccentric inhabitants seem to be either chess-pieces or characters from nursery rhymes - that is, when they are not talking flowers or insects. Obeying theri own impossible rules of logic, the are all full of criticism or good advice as Alice, a lowly Pawn, sets out on her quest to become a Queeen of the Chess Bord.
On her journey she meets Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Dweedledee and the White King as well as her own dinner. She learns to keep running fast enough to stay in the same place, why there is never jam today and about the importance of believing six impossible things after breakfast. It is not surprising that Alice is confused as to who is dreaming it all...

Meine Kommentar erfolgt, sobald ich das Buch gelesen habe ;o). --- bei Amazon suchen

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The Unicorn's Secret

Autor: Kathleen Duey
Illustration: Omar Rayyan
Verlag: Simon & Schuster, New York

Die "Waise" Heart hat ein umfangreiches Abenteuer zu bewältigen. Nicht nur, dass sie ihren geliebten Moonsilver - ein junges Einhorn - vor dem bösen Herrscher ihrer Gegend verstecken muss, nein, sie macht sich auch auf die Suche nach ihrer Familie und das Geheimnis hinter ihrer Person. Die Unicorn's Secret - Serie bietet in jedem Band ein neues Abenteuer auf Hearts und Moonsilvers Reise. Die Bücher sind zwar in sich mehr oder weniger abgeschlossen, doch um die gesamte Geschichte zu verstehen, sollte man schon der Reihe nach lesen. Die Bücher sind für unsere jüngeren Vertreter geschrieben und daher recht leicht zu lesen, auch für Leser, die nicht unbedingt Englisch als ihre Muttersprache betiteln.

Unicorn's Secret 2Titel: The Silver Thread
Untertitel: The second book in The Unicorn's Secret Series
Folge: 2
ISBN: 0689842708

When her beloved Moonsilver, the unicorn, is nearly killed by a hunter's arrow, Heart sneaks back into her village to get help from the healer, Ruth Oakes. But even greater danger awaits Heart and Moonsilver in Ash Grove. Rumors of Moonsilver's secret have reached the ears of the cruel Lord Dunraven. Once again Heart must flee, with only Ruth's mysterious gift - a silver thread - to protect her and Moonsilver. --- bei Amazon suchen

Unicorn's Secret 3Titel: The Silver Bracelet
Untertitel: The third book in The Unicorn's Secret Series
Folge: 3
ISBN: 0689842716

Heart must hide her beloved unicorn, Moonsilver, from Lord Dunraven's hunters. She and her animal friends join a troupe of traveling minstrels. Everyone thinks Moonsilver's horn in fake - just part of the act. Then Moonsilver heals a badly injured boy right in front of the audience, and the unicorn's secret is in danger. Can Heart's mysterious silver bracelet, which makes her dreams of the magical Mountains of the Moon, help her find the one place Moonsilver might safe? --- bei Amazon suchen

Unicorn's Secret 4Titel: The Mountains of the Moon
Untertitel: The fourth book in the Unicorn's Secret Series
Folge: 4
ISBN: 0689842724

Heart has to find a safe haven for her beloved unicorns. With Lord Dunraven looking for them - and Heart's friends aware that helping her will bring Dunraven's anger - she has nowhere to turn. If only she knew where her family was - or who they were. In a mysterious bundle of paper in Dunraven's castle Heart finds a drawing that looks like the design on her baby blanket. The paper is covered with tiny symbols. If she can find out what they mean will they unlock the secrets of the dreams that have been haunting her. --- bei Amazon suchen

Unicorn's Secret 5Titel: The Sunset Gates
Untertitel: Old friends and new as Heart's journey continues
Folge: 5
ISBN: 0689853467

Heart must find her family and a safe haven for the unicorns. A drawing in the book from Dunraven's castle shows the same unicorn design as her foundling blanket! Perhaps the book tells more about her family - but she cannot read it. Searching for a teacher, she finds a blacksmith whose family forge was made by unicorn magic. His old records show that his grandfather made giant iron gates using the same design. If Heart can find those gates perhaps she will find her family - but will Dunraven's men find her first? --- bei Amazon suchen

Unicorn's Secret 6Titel: True Heart
Untertitel: Heart's magical quest continues
Folge: 6
ISBN: 068985370X

In the beautiful armor Joseph Lequire has created for Moonsilver, no one can tell he is a unicorn. It's safe for Heart to travel to Bidenfast, where she hopes to find her Gypsy friends. But the streets are jammed with people in town for the crowning of the new Lord Irmaedith, and the young lord himself takes a special interest in the unicorns. Will Heart be able to keep her secret? --- bei Amazon suchen

Unicorn's Secret 8Titel: The Journey Home
Untertitel: Will Heart's dream finally come true?
Folge: 8
ISBN: 0689853742

Heart is convinced that the old man from Castle Avamir can help her find her family - the only people she dares to trust with the Unicorn's secret. But the old man has been taken prisoner by Lord Dunraven. Heart's search for the truth is leading her into the most dangerous place of all: the depths of Dunraven's heavily guarded castle.
Heart's quest is nearing its end - and what awaits her is beyond her wildest imaginings ... --- bei Amazon suchen

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